Article Processing Fee

Chembio is one of the leading Online Publishing Group that empowers with ample scientific ideas and research information to all. Chembio is an Open Access huge Publishing library that contains endless scientific research information on categorized topics, where anyone can view, share and download without any restriction. Publishing process of articles involves many procedures from Plagiarism, peer review process to check for quality, proof reading, typesetting, file format change, web maintenance, digitalization etc. The tasks included in the process of submission and publishing of the journals includes some costs and that is why the processing fees are required. Chembio does not have income from any institutions or any of its online publications. For open access articles/manuscripts to overcome its handling, processing and production expenses, Chembio collects article processing fee (APF) from authors and their institution or research funder.

Details about payment of the Article Processing Fee are based on the type of the manuscripts as below

Country Other Types Opinion (OP),Short Communication (SC),Mini Review (MRW) Review Article (RW) Case Report (CR) Research Article (RA)
High Income Countries $499 $749 $949 $749 $949
Middle Income Countries $349 $549 $749 $549 $749
Low Income Countries $249 $399 $549 $399 $549

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